Our Services

We provide access to premium quality, performance driven, compliant commercial debt collection services. Our ‘cradle-to-grave’ service consists of a tiered combination of proven Business-to-Business debt collection strategies including lettering, telephony, e-mail and SMS text messaging, supported by the additional expertise of our selected legal partners.

Legal action and/or Enforcement is viewed by some as a last resort where all collection efforts have been exhausted, whilst others specifically choose these options as their preferred route, bypassing other methods. Legal and Enforcement proceedings include:

  • County Court Judgment
  • Charging Order
  • Order for Sale Proceedings (if required, post Charging Order)
  • Warrant of Execution (County Court bailiff instructed to seize debtor’s possessions)
  • Execution by Warrant of Control (High Court Enforcement or Sheriff instructed to seize debtor’s possessions)

We cater for one-off ad hoc requests as well as multiple cases.

Please note: Where applicable we implement The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, which may partially or even fully offset collection costs to you.

For more information please email with details of your requirements.

We provide a safe and professional pair of hands and ensure your business’ reputation remains intact.

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